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Did you understand that there are as many varieties of wine as there are grapes? When you see a wine brand name, require time to study the wine's name if only to have more information on the specific area where the grapes from which the wine was made, were cultivated... - Read Article


Australian Wines

Australia's wine industry has boomed in the past ten years. Companies have actually had to triple their staff numbers to handle the demand for Aussie wine. Thinking about the lower typical national population of Australia, compared with state the United States or perhaps South Africa, 30,000 (2001) employees is quite high... - Read Article

Know Your Sort Of Wine

It is an enjoyment to the palate and it teases the senses when you integrate great dining with a glass of excellent wine. Gewurztraminer is exceptional when you are dining on fish or chicken, while red wine goes perfectly with red meat dishes. You might be confused when it pertains to categorizing the sort of wine made by vintners. Wine-makers utilize the word "varietal" to describe the type of wine made, as there are numerous versions to pick from... - Read Article


Making Rosé Wines

The interest in Rosé wine has become considerably increased. At one time this type of wine tended to be rather looked down upon and was often described as a 'summer' wine due to the fact that it was much lighter than a white wine or red wine... - Read Article


Red And White Wine - The Distinctions

Many people have tried various white wines and red wines and they still have no idea what separates both. This short article will offer you the factors to look for; apart from the color which is obvious if you have no idea. Red and gewurztraminers can either be sweet or dry or throughout between... - Read Article

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